The Power of Why: How Apple and Simon Sinek Inspire Us

It always intrigues me when classmates start discussing their opinions on Apple. Invariably, they seem to either adore the brand or reject it completely; there seems to be no middle ground. This phenomenon is a prime example of a powerful concept in action. Recently, my interest was piqued by a TED talk by Simon Sinek, in which he elucidates what exactly makes a concept so compelling.

The Golden Circle: Why, How, What

Simon Sinek introduces the ‘Golden Circle’, a concept that strikes at the heart of how we, as humans, make decisions and what inspires us. He argues that without understanding the ‘why’ behind someone’s actions, following or aligning with those actions becomes virtually impossible. This idea is surprisingly simple, making it understandable and explainable by anyone. However, putting it into practice proves to be a greater challenge.

During his presentation, Sinek explains how our brain works, paying special attention to the limbic system, which plays a crucial role in our emotions, motivations, pleasures, and emotional memory. This part of our brain is stimulated by the ‘why’ question. According to Sinek, you truly reach people only when you can answer this question in a way that resonates with their own beliefs.

Organizations that can articulate a clear and compelling answer to the ‘why’ question stand out from the rest. This explains the strong reactions to Apple; the company succeeds in clearly communicating its ‘why’. In summary: every organization knows what it does, many know how they do it, but only the exceptional ones know why they do it.

Simon Sinek’s TED talk is a source of inspiration and provides valuable insights into the power of a strong concept. I hope you find this video as inspiring as I did. Keep an eye on my blog for more articles; a new post will appear next week. See you then!

For a deeper dive into the subject, watch the full TED talk by Simon Sinek below:

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