2015-2021: Bachelor (BSc) in Marketing Management - Digital Business Concepts

The most recent study I did was Marketing Management at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences. During this study, I learned how to build new business models. I liked the curriculum because it was mainly focussed on innovation and entrepreneurship. My blog features an article detailing the valuable lessons I’ve gained from pursuing this bachelor’s degree.

2014-2015: Foundation year in Business Administration - Management, Economics & Law

I chose to study Business Administration at the Avans University of Applied Sciences because it was broader than accoutancy. Besides business economics, they also covered marketing, human resource management and law. During my study I found many subjects very interesting. Still, most subjects were not very innovative. After finishing my first year of Business Administration, I started looking at a new study.

2011-2014: Graduated as an Assistant Accountant

From September 2011 to June 2014, I attended the Assistant Accountant study at the Summa College. After just one year of study, it became clear that I did not want to become an accountant later in life, as I found the work too monotonous. After completing this study, I started looking at the new opportunities for me at the Universities of Applied Sciences.

2007-2011: Passed my VMBO theoretical diploma

From 2007 to 2011, I was a vmbo high school student at the Varendonck College in Someren. Here I followed the theoretical programme with the sector “economics”. In June 2011, I passed my final exams and started my first official study.


2023: Conversion Rate Optimisation

In May 2023 I completed a course in Conversion Rate Optimisation at Growth Tribe.

2022: Design Thinking

In December 2022 I completed a course in Design Thinking at Growth Tribe.

2021: Growth Hacking

In July 2022 I completed a crash course in Growth Hacking at The Talent Institute.

2019: HubSpot Marketing Software

On February 2019 I followed a course at HubSpot to show that I am capable of using HubSpot marketing software and its core features.