2023: XTRACT

Together with Joerg Ehrhart, Babs van Gent, Montana Mertens, Alex van Mael (Bundl)

At Bundl, I was working as a growth marketer on several projects. One of which was XTRACT, a supplement for endurance athletes.

2022: StartupFramework

Together with Gijs van de Molengraft, Stephan Botz, Koen Maaskant, Peter van den Broek (Gritd)

Together with my colleagues at Gritd, we were working on an algorithm to objectively measure and analyse the progress of startups and scale-ups.

2021: Hart voor je Huis

Together with Hugo van Schaik, Coen Jonkman, Bart Dekkers (DSG Ventures)

At DSG Ventures, I was responsible for developing Hart voor je Huis, a digital platform where homeowners can purchase a proven roadmap, personalised advice and useful tools to realise their dream home.

2020: VerbouwApp

Together with Hugo van Schaik, Jorien Haubrich, Monique Vorst-Winters, Bart van Dijk, Bart Dekkers (DSG Ventures)

Together with the innovation team at DSG Ventures, I was developing and marketing VerbouwApp, a mobile application for contractors, subcontractors and homeowners that allows you to manage projects in remodelling and renovation.

2020: In the news

Together with Paul Geerts (Fontys University of Applied Sciences)

My educational institute interviewed me to ask why I started a blog, what I do at work and why I want to focus on the future.

2019: Innovation strategy

Together with Gijs Onstein, Marion Smulders (Onstein Textiel)

I wrote an innovation strategy plan for Onstein Textiel, an agency that sells carpet in the mid- and high-end segment in the Netherlands. The plan looked at three strategic options to increase sales of Onstein Textiel.

2019: Odyssey Hackathon

Together with Remco Beugels, Pieter Noyens, Arabi Alhumsi (Brightlands)

We came second at Odyssey, which is the largest Blockchain & AI Hackaton in the world. During the Hackaton, we had developed a web application to check for privacy violations when two different datasets are combined.

2018: Upwards

Together with Bas de Korte, Mitchel van Zelst, Sem Michiels, Andy Wang, Jorian van Es (Fontys)

I attended the Gamification Business minor for my studies. Here, I worked for six months to build a gamification startup called Upwards.

2017: BW Ventures

Together with Patrick Sloot, Dennis van der Graaf (Jopper)

During the summer holidays of 2017, I attended BW Ventures’ pre-accelerator course. In this course, I learnt how to go from an idea to a validated business model.

2017: Smart Library

Together with Fleur Timmerman, Mark Horsley, Mike Molenschot, Guus Beerkens, Jannieke Velt (Tilburg University)

For this school project, we came up with the concept of building a terrace on the roof of Tilburg University’s library.

2016: Deployment chatbot

Together with Dennis van der Graaf, Jeroen de Jonge, Marloes Buijk, Patrick Sloot (TamTam)

For this school project, we came up with a concept for Timing. The idea was to use chatbots to speed up the deployment process.

2016: Startup Jopper

Together with Dennis van der Graaf, Jeroen de Jonge, Marloes Buijk, Patrick Sloot (Jopper)

After completing my assessment in the first year of my bachelor’s degree, we started building the “Jopper” concept. Afterwards, me and my team received an investment worth €15,000 in the form of a startup programme at Blue Whale Ventures in September 2017.

2016: US Expansion

Together with Anwar Amiri, Billy Kiemeney, Paul Vissers, Duco van Lanschot, Maurice van Wordragen (Blendle)

With “Team World Domination” at Blendle, we were working on launching Blendle in America. Here, we came up with a growth hack to reach a large number of influencers with a minimal marketing budget.

2015: Health care app

Together with Anwar Amiri, Dennis van der Graaf, Dirk-Jan Verdoorn, Thomas Huijser (Freshheads)

For this school project, we created a mobile application to fight dementia.

2015: Proximity Marketing

Together with Niels Roodenburg, Wessel Bouman, Hanad Geesale (Strossle)

For this school project, we came up with the concept of having the fair of Tilburg use iBeacons. We believed these beacons are capable of directing visitors to specific locations and optimising sales.


Together with GamoVation

In high school, I created an online mafia game called through a no-code platform. During these years I learnt what it is like to have a business at a young age and how to earn money on my own. Because of this I became interested in entrepreneurship and marketing within the digital world.