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Hi, I am Floris

A dedicated startup developer who is passionate about creating and shaping digital value propositions.

Unleashing the power of entrepreneurship

In a world changing so rapidly, organisations that are future ready will be those who innovate and adapt. This is precisely why my venture building process is designed to empower companies to quickly develop new business models. Together we launch new brands, target new customer segments, enter new markets and create new revenue streams. We take advantage of new technologies, channels and customer behaviour, while leveraging assets. My ultimate objective is to create profitable ventures that effectively address the pressing challenges of our time.

My History

Recent work experience

Prior, I’ve taken several roles in venture building. This gained me a diverse skill set to explore and validate if business concepts are suitable investment opportunities. By using a data-driven approach, I am able to make evidence-based decisions around whether ideas should progress or be discontinued.

In April 2023, I started my own company called Millstone. As a freelancer I help startups with growing their customer base.

In November 2022, I began working as a Growth Marketer at Bundl. During my time at this firm, I developed and marketed new business models for large organisations.

In December 2021 to November 2022, I worked as a Product Developer at Gritd, an organisation aiming to help more startups grow into scale-ups. My role at Gritd was to make the training courses more known to the target audience such as startup mentors, programme managers and investors. I was also responsible for marketing reports that allow you to track the growth of startups and helped facilitate accelerator programmes for entrepreneurs.

From January 2020 to December 2021, I worked as a Venture Builder within DSG. With this job title, I was responsible for developing new business models in the renovation industry. We did this by coming up with concepts and then testing them at rapid speed with the target audience.

Recent education

I studied digital marketing management after studying business administration and accountancy. Due to this combination of fields, I am able to operate on both a creative and business level.

The most recent study I did was Marketing Management at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences. I was keen to learn how to establish a thriving business model through the internet. And that is exactly what this study taught me. During classes, we looked at innovations and trends, which helped me see the gaps in the market. I completed this study in 2021. 

I attended this study at the Avans University of Applied Sciences because it was broader than my previous study. Besides business economics, they also covered marketing, human resource management and law. During my study I found many subjects very interesting. Still, most subjects were not very innovative. After finishing my first year of Business Administration, I started looking at a new study.

From September 2011 to June 2014, I attended the Assistant Accountant study at the Summa College. After just one year of study, it became clear that I did not want to become an accountant later in life, as I found the work too monotonous. After completing this study, I started looking at the new opportunities for me at the Universities of Applied Sciences.

What can you expect when we work together


I detect consumer problems, pinpoint market gaps and find business models that suits the needs of your clients.


I find the pain points and key benefits of your propositions.


I use data-driven marketing techniques to find your target audience and scale your customer base.


I create investment pitch decks, backed by validated value propositions, business cases and visuals.

Outcomes of working with me

Explored new areas of growth and created new venture concepts

Fine-tuned acquisition and retention in the leanest possible way

Validated or pivoted business models through rapid iteration

Created scalable business growth by automating marketing and sales efforts

Discover how I can help you achieve tangible business results