Why I started a blog

Hello there! Welcome to my first blog post. Starting January 1, 2016, I’ll try to regularly post about my studies and interests. But why am I doing this, you might ask? Read on to find out!

  • To keep my friends and family updated. By posting articles, I can easily share events with family, friends, and colleagues.
  • To document my academic journey. By recording my entire study process, I create a clear picture of my education, allowing me to always look back on what I’ve accomplished.
  • To share my passion. I have an interest in entrepreneurship and technology. This could be a way to share my affinity for these subjects.
  • To organize my thoughts. Writing is a great way to form a coherent opinion on a topic. Blogging forces me to do research and think critically.
  • To profile myself online. Starting my own blog allows me to share my interests and develop an identity. This can later help me land a better job or assignment that truly suits me.

Of course, I also find joy in maintaining a blog. I hope you’ll join me on this 4-year journey (or longer?) of blogging. My next post will go online in two weeks. Until then!

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Floris Meulensteen
Floris Meulensteen
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