What does the higher power mean to me, and how do I draw life force from it?

In recent months, my perspective on life has undergone a significant shift. Raised in the Netherlands, known for its individualistic and rational culture, spirituality was never a priority for me. However, I’ve recently found myself believing in a power greater than myself, and it has been an empowering experience. In this article, I want to share what this higher power means to me.

For a long time, I couldn’t grasp why people believed in something that couldn’t be proven. The world, as I understood it, was explained through science. Spirituality, often tied to religion in my mind, brought images of wars, attacks, violence, and power abuse. My views were shaped by events like the war with ISIS or the Twin Towers attacks, making me question why I should believe in something associated with so much pain.

Two months ago, however, I met someone whose peace and calmness intrigued me. They spoke of their belief in God, not tied to any religion. Despite my initial skepticism and scientific arguments, their perspective made me listen more intently. They described a belief in God that wasn’t about following a single truth or deity, unlike some religions. It was about personal interpretation of a higher power, without judgment on others’ beliefs, which included mine, even though I hadn’t consciously acknowledged such beliefs before.

Reflecting on this, I remembered a conversation with my father before he passed about spirituality, where we both felt there was something greater than us. I also thought about others who shared their beliefs, like the connection between humans or the forces in nature. A friend described how sunflowers follow the sun and trees grow roots towards water, much like humans grow and strive towards their potential, guided by something greater.

While I don’t fully align with these beliefs, I’ve started to believe in ‘something’ greater than humanity. After opening up to this idea, I realized explaining our complex human world to an ant would be impossible, much like a higher power might not be able to explain its truth to us. I now feel guided by this higher power, accepting there are things I may never understand.

This newfound belief is hard to rationalize, but I feel it’s connected to the unexplainable parts of the universe. I believe that after death, I will find a place in the universe where I’m in perfect balance and tranquility. While these words might not fully capture it, they come closest to describing my feelings.

I hope this article helps you find your higher power too. Since embracing this belief, my life force has significantly increased. If we all could believe in something greater than ourselves and also respect each other’s beliefs in that greater purpose, perhaps we could live more in harmony.

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