About Me

Hi, I’m Floris Meulensteen. My life is a story about becoming stronger, staying adaptable, and always growing, stretching across both my personal and work life. From a young age, I’ve faced challenges, like my parents being permanently ill, dealing with bullying, and navigating through a psychotic disorder. These tough times didn’t just make me resilient; they taught me how important it is to understand and care about others. This has deeply shaped who I am today, helping me push through hard times and always look for ways to improve and grow.

My interest in marketing, particularly the digital aspect, was ignited during my high school years by a successful project I undertook: creating an online mafia game. This game not only gained significant popularity but also generated a notable income, unveiling the vast potential of digital platforms to me. This experience, combined with my inherent interest in digital entrepreneurship, propelled me to pursue higher education in Marketing Management – Digital Business Concepts. Additionally, I complemented my studies with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and some accounting courses. This combination of skills and knowledge has been crucial in helping me understand and adeptly navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the business world.

In my career, I’m passionate about using technology to help businesses grow. I’m particularly interested in startups and how they can keep growing after they start. By diving deep into the startup world, I’ve learned about the challenges these companies face and how important it is to keep innovating. I use this knowledge to help startups go from an idea to a business model that can make up to around 1 million revenue. Working closely with founders, I help them refine their ideas, enter the market, and grow their business. This process of turning a small idea into a successful business is what excites me and drives my career.

Over time, I’ve grown a lot personally and become more broad-minded. People in my friend group call me the psychologist because of my analytical skills and empathy, which have brought me a lot without becoming selfish. This growth has given me a deeper understanding of life and enriched my search for meaning. Moving from tough times as a kid to finding a greater purpose shows how much I’ve changed and learned. This personal journey has highlighted the importance of empathy, understanding, and the beauty of life. It has made me stronger and more determined to make a positive impact, guiding me to live with purpose and kindness in both my work and personal life.

At the core, my story is about overcoming challenges, welcoming change, and always aiming to grow. I’ve used my strength, knowledge, and kindness to make a difference. Now, I’m focusing on creating a better future as a freelancer, with my company Millstone. I started this company because I believe we can make the world a better place by working with startups that want to have a positive impact. Together with my clients, we aim to help others and grow businesses.

Since January 2024, I’ve paused my work with Millstone to start something new: sharing my life on Threads as an influencer. My main goal is to spread kindness and positive vibes on this platform. I want to share my experiences to motivate others with my story of overcoming challenges, growing, and looking for deeper meanings in life. I believe that by being open about our experiences, we can create a wave of positivity and build a supportive and understanding community. This effort can help make our online spaces and the real world better places for everyone.

I also believe we can make the internet a more positive place. In today’s digital age, it’s easy for negativity to spread, but I’m advocating for a change towards empathy and understanding. By promoting a positive online community, we’re creating a digital world that reflects the best of us. My aim is to lead this change, hoping for an internet where every interaction is a chance to uplift and connect, showing that shared stories and kindness can truly transform our digital experiences.

The core values guiding my journey are resilience, empathy, innovation, openness, and vulnerability. These principles shape my decisions and actions in both personal and professional realms. Resilience has enabled me to face challenges and emerge stronger. Empathy allows me to deeply connect with others, understanding their feelings and perspectives. Innovation drives my professional pursuits, encouraging me to seek out creative solutions and new avenues for business growth. Openness leads me to welcome new ideas and perspectives, which enhances my impact. The value of vulnerability highlights the importance of being open about our struggles and weaknesses, fostering a deeper connection and trust within our relationships. This makes it possible to build supportive networks that encourage growth and success. Together, these values underpin my mission to inspire and make a positive difference in the world.

My story shows that with resilience, creativity, and a commitment to growth, we can truly make a difference. Whether through a company, online, or just in everyday life, my aim is to spread positivity and support others. I believe that together, we can create a brighter, kinder future. Let’s keep moving forward, sharing love, and making the world a better place for all.

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